What could of possibly been love at first sight.

*New Message from Aaron…* popped up on the corner of my screen if you had MSN you’ll understand.

Anyway it was a message from Aaron, me and Aaron had been talking for what seemed like years when in reality we’d only became friends on myspace for about a month. I remember seeing his friend request on myspace he was wearing a black fisherman hat, black hoodie, blue jeans and some black trainers nothing extravagant but not too basic he was around 5’3 black boy (obviously), his caramel complexion and these juice ass lips is what stood out to me the most, he also had these big brown eyes eyes he reminded me of Paddington Bear. was he my type? well at 13 me personally there was never really ”a type’. We got talking to only realise we were BOTH scorpios and his birthday was the day after mine.

Aaron : Wuu2  x x

Me: nm jc just about to eat wbu??

Aaron: Ahh same just deyyah x

It was one of those typical conversations but it didn’t take long before me and Aaron had arranged to ”link”. So there I was about to meet what was actually my 1st ever ”link”, ”date” whatever you name it… thats what it was.

Back then it was the norm for people to go on links and ”bring a friend”  so there I was messaging Shay and Jamie to come along with me to ”link’ Aaron. Id kind of been speaking about him so they didn’t really ask much questions about humbug they agreed to come.

The Saturday came I got up as normal me and Aaron had already spoken from the night before and was pretty much texting all morning them days it was ”free weekends” so texting could go on for days. I started doing my hair I slicked my hair in two puffs and made a quiff gelled my baby hairs down the side of my face and finished the style with a yellow lace around my head perfectly tied on the side. I wore blue skinny high waisted jeans with buttons going up either a white vest top and a grey crop jacket which had multicoloured stars with some white new look pumps with yellow and grey laces.

Me and Aaron agreed to meet on Lodge Road I met up with Shay and Jamie first and headed to the destination.. I didn’t tell him I was bringing friends as thats really how things were back then (bring a friend for my friend type thing). Anyway there we were three of us waiting on Lodge Road at exactly 1.30pm.  Shay kept thinking he’d flop and something was telling me he was too, Jamie well she just stood there texting some guy so she wasn’t even phased by the time. 10minutes in my phone vibrated it was flashing … Aaron ;;Runnin 10minz l8”… I don’t know why but the text didn’t even seem believable. Aaron always put ‘x’  as the end of EVERY message so that alone made me think Shays right he probably lead me on and madam come as a joke, she was saying lets just go but apart of me wanted to wait. I knew exactly were Aaron was coming from so I said ok lets give him 10minutes but Cars passed, taxi’s pass, buses passed … Aaron was a no show.

We started walking off and a bus pulled up we didn’t even look back but all I could hear was about bare boys making up pure noise. I could hear footsteps running up behind me it was Aaron ( if that was now I’d probably of BOXED him for having me waiting) but at 13 I was more shy than anything avoiding the most eye contact ever.  We was talking and walking because I was adamant I was leaving. However it didn’t take long for Aaron to persuade me to stay before saying bye to some of the guys he turned up with.. thank God because I wasn’t feeling walking around with so much man.

Aaron casually put his arm around me and we all crossed over, me Aaron, Shay and Aarons three friends. We got to a near by park and Aaron excused us from the rest talk about awkward. I texted Shay and Jamie … ‘make sure you don’t leave… they said ok don’t be long x”.

Aaron lead me to this cute area at the back of the park it had a pond with these big ass fish and little sitting logs around it with a hut that Aaron stood under. The scenery was alright and in all honestly at 13 you didn’t really know any better. We talked and bussed some mad jokes. I was sat on the edge of these logs and he was standing a few feet away.  For my first ”link” I cant say it wasn’t what I expected because it was all i knew.. Aaron came over and pulled me towards him before giving me the maddest teddybear squeeze no words were exchanged but he was giving my butterflies, we wasn’t really far off in height so we was practically face to face. I rested my head over his shoulder and he had his on mine. We cuddled under his hut roof for what seemed like forever no words were exchanged all I could hear was nature Aaron holding me felt very affectionate sounds foolish but I felt like I was feeling sometime of way about him. It wasn’t just the hug but everything building up to it.. we clicked and there was definitely chemistry.

I could slowly feel Aaron’s face stroking against mine his skin was so soft my eyes began to close his arms began snugging around my waist and he pulled  me in closer … it was far from sexual but the feeling were intense. Aaron’s cheekbone continued gliding along the side of my face… I wrapped my arms around Aaron’s neck and lifted my head, his nose was touching mine and we just began so naturally rubbing nose to nose I could feel his lips pressing against mine..  it started with what seemed like a soft peck which sent instant shivers down my spine he went in for another but this time grabbing onto not my bottom lip in which gave me no choice but to kiss him back and take control.  There we were at it like out lives depended on it his tongue splipped inside my mouth so gently but  yet so demanding  we were so into it I couldn’t even take my lips off his to answer my phone which was constantly vibrating.

Aaron and I just cuddled the kiss wasn’t even spoken about we continued chatting as if nothing happened. I had clearly grown a confidence boost because he threatened to push my in the pond for ”being cheeky”. It wasn’t long after we started heading back to the others hand in hand Aaron lead the way before turning round and kissing me one last time.

It was now after 5pm I don’t know were time went but I didn’t care because I liked Aaron and I enjoyed the time we had just spent together. As we got back to the others I noticed Shays face looked worried she mimed ‘you okay?” i just smiled and nodded. We all stayed together till about 6.30 and headed back to the main road. We got back to the bus stop and me and Aaron hugged and agreed we’d talk later…..


to be continued..