A Bit About Me..


I’m Kelisha most people call me Kelly/Chyna! I’m 24 years old and I’m from Birmingham! I’m a mommy to my beautiful little boy J’zon who keeps me very much on my toes ❤ . I’ve currently just finished university being a full time student studying Youth, Communities and Families alongside uni I work as a Nursing Assistant at QE hospital. However Ive always has a passion in wanting to give something back to the young people weather it be advice or supporting them through life and situations they may face or even come across.

In my spare time I go to the gym which I’ve just started! (June seems like its going to be a good month for me) WEIGHT LOST AND FITNESS JOURNEY OF 2018!!! Which I will eventually also write about in my blogs.


I always try and live my best possible life a few cheeky turn ups here and there and some days ”Netflix and chill”.

Throughout my weekly blogs you’ll get a better insight of what my life is or shall I say HAS been like.

So back in 2017 I decided I wanted to start blogging for those that know juggling being a mom, uni, working and giving ”bae” attention my life was a bit hectic.. living my best life as they say.

So during the end of 2017 I found myself giving a lot of advice to friends in regards to relationships, I’d go on social media mostly Instagram and see quotes/ ‘memes’ that felt as if they were speaking to me about my life and the situation I was in.

I guess we’ve all been in positions were we give the BEST advice to others but when it comes to ourselves we do the total opposite right? we ask God for signs then act as if were blind..

Well during December 2017 I finally took the time out to make a blog …

However I’d type and type but it never felt right..(timing it always important) so I left it for a few months and now June 2018 I finally feel ready to start blogging and writing about my experiences of relationships/situationships. 

All my blogs will be in regards to myself there will be occasions were I may relate situations and for the privacy of others there will changes of names used throughout my blogs.

I will try my very best to keep it interesting and blog regularly if there are any questions or topics you’d would like me to cover feel free to drop comments below and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Thank You



Chy xo